To Siri, With Love

Tramite Bicyclemind ho scoperto questo (stupendo) racconto che vale assolutamente la pena di leggere: Judith Newman racconta il rapporto tra suo figlio, autistico, e Siri.

It’s not that Gus doesn’t understand Siri’s not human. He does — intellectually. But like many autistic people I know, Gus feels that inanimate objects, while maybe not possessing souls, are worthy of our consideration. I realized this when he was 8, and I got him an iPod for his birthday. He listened to it only at home, with one exception. It always came with us on our visits to the Apple Store. Finally, I asked why. “So it can visit its friends,” he said.

To Siri, With Love

(immagine di Louie Chin per il New York Times)







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