Se devi arrivare ai millenial, usa l’email

Lo ammetto: quando ho letto il titolo (e poi l’articolo), sono rimasto un po’ perplesso.

Eppure gli studi citati sembrano parlare chiaro:

A new study by Principal Financial Group is an eye-opener about just how Millennials prefer to have downstream, one-to-one contact with companies, whether for transactions, updates, customer service or other dialogues. Given the choice between doing so via email, in person, postal mail, social media, phone call, online chat or text message, respondents overwhelmingly chose email straight across the board.

For Millennials, who view brand authenticity, transparency and personalization as basic requirements for capturing their attention, social media isn’t where they want to conduct ongoing one-to-ones with brands. That’s email’s role.

L’articolo completo è su Marketing Land.

Foto in apertura: Look at my phone di Merlijn Hoek
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