«L’hashtag è mio e non lo usi se non sei sponsor. Neanche in retweet.»

ESPN ha ricevuto una lettera dallo United States Olympic Committee, proprietario del trademark di “Olympic,” “Olympian”, “Go For The Gold” e altre frasi:

“Commercial entities may not post about the Trials or Games on their corporate social media accounts,” reads the letter written by USOC chief marketing officer Lisa Baird. “This restriction includes the use of USOC’s trademarks in hashtags such as #Rio2016 or #TeamUSA.”

E Gizmodo solleva un dubbio:

Apparently the letter says that any company whose primary mission isn’t media—I guess that excludes us—is forbidden from using any pictures taken at the Olympics, sharing, and even reposting anything from the official Olympics account.

Does that mean that a non-sponsor can’t retweet the official Olympics Twitter account without facing some kind of legal action? I guess there’s only one way to find out. Who’s going to be the first company to try?

Ciao ciao real-time marketing (per lo meno, da aziende sottoposte alla legislazione US) per questi #Rio2016?

E soprattutto: gli altri comitati nazionali prenderanno esempio da quello US e introdurranno una regola simile?



Foto di copertina: Rio 2016 Official Page