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  • Messaggi: aspettative snervanti per una risposta instantanea

    Andrew Torba su Medium scrive spesso di come l’ossessione per i mobile device stiano cambiando il modo in cui interagiamo con gli altri. Questa volta invece scrive delle aspettative sulla risposta istantanea da parte dell’altro, in un post dall’eloquente titolo: “Yes I Saw Your Text, But Don’t Expect Me to Respond Instantly”. In our world […]

  • The Period Is Pissed

    “In the world of texting and IMing … the default is to end just by stopping, with no punctuation mark at all,” Liberman wrote me. “In that situation, choosing to add a period also adds meaning because the reader(s) need to figure out why you did it. And what they infer, plausibly enough, is something […]